Bahala Na - Giron Arnis Escrima
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Leo M. Giron was a World War II veteran who fought with an elite unit of the United States Army behind enemy lines in the Philippines and was awarded the Bronze Star medal amongst many other citations. Grand Master Emeritus Giron designed his system to overcome a larger and stronger opponent in life-or-death encounters. GME Giron’s system of escrima contains many ingenious exercises and strategies while remaining the essence of simplicity. We are proud to carry on and honor his legacy through the teachings of Grand Master Tony Somera.
Houston Martial Arts Academy was decreed as the home of “Bahala Na Houston” by Grand Master Antonio Somera in January 2007. Since then Bahala Na Houston has expanded. There are three Affiliates in the Houston area; Guro Joe Galleon (HMAA), Jason Evans (HMAA) and Guro Rick Stalons (Ground Dwellers). Together they do their part in spreading the word and sharing the art of GME Giron and GM Somera to the Houston Area through demonstrations, workshops and hosting Bahala Na/Giron Arnis Escrima seminars.
GME Giron was a Seargent in the U.S. Army during WW II
Grand Master Tony Somera with Masters Kirk McCune and Joel Juanitas 
Grand Master Emeritus Giron with the “Masters Fan” showing the 20 styles of Giron Arnis Escrima
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As a direct result of superior skill and devotion to the principles, philosophy and purpose of Bahala Na Martial Arts combined with leadership and his master level Instructorship, Master Tony Somera was promoted to the rank and responsibility of Grand Master by the late Grand Master and founder of Bahala Na® Martial Arts Leo M. Giron.  Grand Master Somera promoted the art of Giron® Arnis Escrima along with its rich Filipino History and culture by providing opportunities for students and community members to visit historic sites and learn Filipino American history through bi-annual “affiliate camps” held in Stockton.  Tony Somera is the only person ever to be promoted to the rank of Master and then Grand Master by the late Grand Master Emeritus Leo M. Giron.  
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Grand Master Emeritus Leo Giron’s Teachers Benito Junito: Larga Mano & Fondo Fuerte Fractuso Junio: uncle of Benito Junio, Macabebe & shared the concept and differences between old (cada-anan) and new (cabaroan) styles of Luzon. Flaviano Vergara: Estilo Elastico and presented GME with the Masters Fan. Beningo Ramos: Estilo Matador, Larga Mano, Miscla Contras, Tero Pisada, Tero Grave, and Elastico Julian Bondoc: Larga Mano & Hilot   Braulio Bolante: Estilo Bolante